atopic dermatitis

atopic dermatitis
atopic dermatitis

What is atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) is a condition that makes red skin which is very itchy. It is common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is an illness for a long time who are serious from time to time. It may be accompanied by asthma or “hay fever”.

For atopic dermatitis has no cure yet. But treatment neighbor and himself after you stop can get rid of itching and new outbreaks. For example, avoid Sabino be harsh on the skin, regularly asking from Moiscraij your skin doctor Find creams and ointments.

What are the symptoms of atopic dermatitis?

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis depend on the person. They may be different in everyone. It may have the following symptoms: 

Dry skin 

Itching happen to be growing at night
Brown patch especially hands, feet, ankles, wrists, neck, at the covered portion of the upper chest, eyelids, elbows, and knees, and face in infants and the skull
Small boils out fluid on those scratch layer is tough
The skin becomes thick and is burst
Scratch the skin soft, is sensitive and swollen

Atopic dermatitis usually begins before age 5 and lasts adolescence and into adulthood. In some people, it sometimes grows and becomes clear for many years.

Show the doctor come? 

If your child has a problem in the following show the doctor:

Your child is getting too much trouble, which is impacting on their sleep and daily activities
Her skin infections are red or yellow skin or leave campus with
Symptoms after using household measures are visible
If your children are showing signs of infection or fever, contact your doctor.

What causes atopic dermatitis?

Healthy skin helps retain moisture and protects you from bacteria and other allergens. Eczema is caused by a change in a gene. That change is a decrease in the ability to protect the skin. It makes your skin environmental factors, can be affected by problems and allergies.

In some children, the cause of food allergies can be eczema.

If your family is in eczema, allergies, hay fever or asthma, you risk of atopic dermatitis.


How to prevent topic dermatitis? 

The following tips can help prevent skin disease and can reduce the impact of skin drying bath: 

Bath or Shower Len- for less
Limit your bath and shower to 15 minutes from 10. Do not use hot water for bathing.

Identification of substances that damage and a try to avoid them
Sweat can stress, obesity, bad soap, detergent, dust and pollen skin conditions. Try to avoid these things. Some foods, including infants and children in eggs, milk, soy, and wheat are also showing signs of the disease. Identify the Food Allergy and talk to your child’s doctor about it.

Gentle him- the use of such soaps skin

Choose soft soap. The scent of soap and antibacterial soap can remove natural oils and can dry your skin.
After bathing Sukhaan- carefully yourself
After bathing Find Sukhaan and moisturizer soft towels for your skin.

At least twice a day a Moiscraij your skin 
Cream, retain moisture in ointments and skin lotions. Choose a product that is good for you. Use petroleum jelly on your child’s skin, may help him prevent the development of atopic dermatitis.

How to make test atopic dermatitis?

For detecting atopic dermatitis do not need a lab test. Your doctor can test to see your skin and prior medical condition atopic dermatitis. He can also use the patch tests or other tests to identify other problems with getting to cancel the possibility of other skin diseases or eczema.

If you can cause a certain type of food allergies your child that if doctors tell and are allergic to the food Ask about his identity.

What is the treatment of atopic dermatitis?

Atopic is Dermatitis be repeated. To control it, you may have different treatment for months or years. If treatment is successful, you may still have signs and symptoms return.

The situation quickly identifies possible so you can start taking treatment. If you do not help on how to look after regular moisturizing and other selves, your doctor may recommend one or more treatment of the following:


Medicines to fight infection: 

If bacterial infection, pain or cracks in the skin in your skin, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic cream. He may suggest antibiotics to be taken orally for a short time to treat the infection.

Oral medications that control inflammation: 

For more severe cases, your doctor may give you a corticosteroid to be taken orally. These drugs can not be used for a long time can cause serious side effects that are effective but.

Cream which controls the itching and helps heal skin: 

Your doctor corticosteroid can tell cream or applying MLM. After Moiscraij Apply it as directed. Excessive use of this drug has side effects from the skin may be thin.

Other creams drugs called calcineurin inhibitors – such as “tacrolimus” (Protopic) and “Pimecrolimus” (Elidel) can affect your immune system. Use them to treat infections of the skin should be more than 2 years of age people. After Moiscraij Find it as directed. Avoid the strong rays of the sun when using these products


New options for severe eczema

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted recently approved the “Duplimab” (organisms having the body of a new injection called Duplikent) (monoclonal antibodies). It is used to treat people with severe illness who are not cured by other treatments. It is a new medicine, so just do what assistance so well I do not know these people. So studies should be shown that the methods used it described it may look good effect. It is very expensive to treat.


This treatment is used for those who are after are not properly topical treatment or they are difficult to treat. The easiest skin light therapy (Fototherepi) to keep controlled amounts of natural sunlight. There are other ways either of ultraviolet A (UVA) and narrow ultraviolet B (UVB) use alone or with medication.

This treatment is effective but has longer-lasting damage to the skin from using them. Whom to have wrinkles in premature skin and the risk of skin cancer. For these reasons, the use of low Fototherepi in young children and infants that are not even used. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of therapy and damage.

By talking to a therapist or counselor may help those who are embarrassed or frustrated by their skin conditions.

Leisure, behavioral changes and biofeedback: 
This treatment is beneficial to those who have a habit of scratching your skin

Wet dressing:

Wrapping is necessary to the affected part to severe atopic Dermatitis the “Topical corticosteroids” and wet bar. Sometimes it is used in hospitals for those who seem to be hard to do it because it has spread wounds and expertise in nursing. Or at home, ask your doctor about how to perform this technique.


  Treatment of eczema in children is as follows:

atopic dermatitis
atopic dermatitis

Identifying the cause of problems in the skin and avoiding him 

Avoid extreme heat
Bathing find oil, cream or ointment on the skin of your baby
Show your child’s doctor if there is no improvement in herpes these measures or infection herpes. Your child’s herpes could be required to control or medicine to treat the infection. To reduce your doctor itching and sleepiness can Antihistamine. Which may be helpful for the itching and discomfort occurring at night.

What are the complications of atopic dermatitis? 

Complications of atopic dermatitis are the following: 

Allergic skin contact disease- 
People with atopic dermatitis is a common problem.
Sleep Smsyaan-
Sleep due to frequent itching when sleep is poor.

skin infection- 
Is repeatedly ripped skin from scratch to become a wound. It also increases the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses, including the herpes simplex virus.

Asthma Five- 
Sometimes after atopic dermatitis may be asthma and hay fever. Much suffering from atopic dermatitis half of children ages 13 years gets asthma or hay fever.

Before itchy or dry skin 

The skin is a skin disorder scabies called neurodermatitis begins with a patch. If you scratch this part is it started to be more itchy skin. Slowly, slowly get used to scratch. This becomes due, affected like skin deformation, thick and leathery. read more article

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