dengue fever symptoms

dengue fever symptoms
dengue fever symptoms

dengue fever symptoms Dengue Adijh rash of red body expands with high fever from mosquito bites, the head, and body aches. But the addition of associated and totally soluble know that many things

Each year, dengue is a huge become fatal for people. The need for such people to be aware of it. Fever Dengue is transmitted by the bite of Adijh aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes clear thrive in stagnant water, and usually, they are born in waterlogging conditions during the monsoon. Person Dengue is included in the fall before a high fever followed by the rash of red color on the body, headache, body aches, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite and vomiting symptoms. But dengue confirmation can only be made after Rktjanc. Some things associated with dengue of which there are probably only you know what, let us know a few 5 things –

Dengue mosquito is attacking your white blood cells

A dengue mosquito attack can prove fatal for you as dengue mosquito is right in your white blood cells. Which seems to be weakening immunity of your body. A dengue mosquito lays eggs close to 100 at a time and it keeps alive nearly two weeks.

Cut in the light of light at night mosquito

It is believed that the cuts in the light of day mosquito of dengue, but there is a point to note that persists possibilities of cutting the mosquito in the light of light at night. Dengue mosquito morning time and the evening sunset overbites. These mosquitoes are unable to generate a low temperature of 15-16 degrees. Most dengue cases are recorded between October since early July.

The houses are born in the water tank dengue mosquito

According to a report by Delhi Health Ministry, are born in drums and tanks of 41% dengue mosquito plastic in Delhi. In the iron, containers used it in the cooler at 12% and construction sites are generating 17% of dengue mosquito.

There is no shortage of platelets in dengue due to death

Usually leads to the death of a patient due to lack of platelets during dengue that people would believe it. But hardly know that the root cause capillary leakage of death in dengue. If a patient is a capillary leakage should give her a liquid diet in such a situation. It should continue until the high and low blood pressure difference may not exceed 40.

Dengue is not a contagious disease

Dengue is usually considered an infectious disease. But dengue, in reality, is not an infectious disease because the disease spreads not from person to person. Dengue has four types of disease. The patient had dengue same type in a turn and second dengue is the other way. During that dengue is believed the disease people are platelets count a lot and just want to focus on increasing them. Let me tell you that they are directed at the patient’s platelet count of 10,000 is only expected to arrive in dengue fatal situation for those patients.

Check dengue fever

dengue fever symptoms
dengue fever symptoms

To Rktc probe to detect any illness is present it Avshykk in. In today’s time so many diseases have been home to confirm the disease, would have to Rktr investigation. But consult Simultaneously Doctors also Srwmanyt. Better than falling into any confusion go Dokt Su. Also, check choroid for dengue confirmation is required. Fever complaint should immediately show Doktkr. Let’s learn about the diagnosis of dengue.

confirmed dengue is characterized by a blood test. But a different way to look at all ills.
– Many types of malaria is also a variety of the same disease. To confirm all forms of dengue blood would examine the necessary awareness on the basis of which it is reported that the patient what type of suffering from dengue.

– is taken generally Eliza Sahara probe to detect dengue. But the first five through this investigation six days not seeing the infection.

– the exact address of the serotype of dengue through Real-Time PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) is feeling very quickly. The results within eight hours of the samples in NCDC can be achieved.
– In fact, with his medical tests in dengue cases to identify antibodies to the virus, in particular, is a prerequisite.
– is also Rett investigation is often suspected dengue if the results of the investigation would appear wrong or taken also a symptom of dengue so Plertlets decrease. Dengue investigated studded watch is again renewed. Wastnv is the presence of viral antigens in the diagnosis blood test for dengue.

Dengue is spread by Kantner the milter s of Edes Egypt species. Currently, dengue has become more common. Although so far failed to Uplbda a special technique to prevent dengue but continues to strive for it.

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During the visit to avoid dengue, avoid the 10 measur

dengue fever symptoms
dengue fever symptoms
When visiting an increased risk of adults having the disease, because they go to one place to another place. He was due to go to different places, exposure is higher. Dengue ridden man only way to avoid the disease is to avoid mosquitoes. It is transmitted by the bite of the mosquito-borne viral mosquitoes. While the prevention and control are possible but is careful crucial to avoid dengue fever during the visit. Let’s be careful about what precautions during the trip to avoid dengue fever.

During the visit to avoid dengue

  • First, you should make sure before going on the trip that you are going to the place where he is not a dengue-affected area if so you should avoid going there.
  • If it is necessary to a dengue-affected area should be fully prepared to fend off mosquitoes.
  • Keep in mind that you are staying at the place where there is not full of dirt or water.
  • You can take Moskito Net (net) with, using it you can avoid the bites of mosquitoes.
  • Wear long sleeves while traveling clothes, Dnkia your body through clothing.
  • Treatment of dengue can be done to help minimize problems with it. Rest of dengue fever and the shortage of water is very important. Although the disease can be fatal and is usually the disease often live 15 to 20 days.
  • Is a place where the spread of dengue should not freezing the water, such as plastic bags, cans, pots, roads or water in the cooler. So wherever you can be aware of these things are going to travel and if so ask to keep it clean.
  • In the changing seasons that have used the products to avoid if you’re going to a new place, mosquitoes.
  • Keep special attention to the changing seasons of their food. If the journey you take light snacks with it is also good for your health.
  • Prevention of dengue and control can be performed after attempting to short.
  • During the dengue fever infection, the patient starts to stomach complaints. The stomach to be upset, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bladder problems, joint pain, the body can be a pain and so on. Contact a doctor immediately if such complaints.

To avoid dengue the sting of these work, remain the mosquito outbreak

                                                    QUICK BITES
  • Dengue is a viral infection.
  • This virus four Denvi 1, Denvi 2, Denvi is 3 and Denvi 4.
  • Mosquito bites, the virus enters the bloodstream.

Rainy outbreak of dengue fever season is much higher than. Aedes spreads dengue bite aegypti mosquito called. Mosquito of dengue mostly morning bites. It grows in the mosquito clean paused cooler and water tank, such as water. Dengue is a viral infection. This virus four Denvi 1, Denvi 2, Denvi is 3 and Denvi 4. Mosquito bites, the virus enters the bloodstream.

What complications

The subject of much concern in dengue diminish the platelets in the blood. When platelet count of less than 10 thousand or body began to hemorrhage (bleeding) from a part, so does blood plating in this case. Also blood pressure (the critical factor to low blood pressure) and lung and stomach in front of the water.

These symptoms

  • Winter Against come fever.
  • Be a headache.
  • Pain in the eye.
  • Vomiting.
  • Have shortness of breath.
  • Body, joints and pain in the abdomen.
  • Swelling in the body.
  • To the red marks on the skin.
  • Some people are also hemorrhage (bleeding) in this disease. Such as the mouth and the nose and gums. This situation is called Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.
  • Urination red, come black stools.
  • Come visit and fainting hang around.
  • Blood Take low pressure () to be called dengue shock syndrome. Different parts of the body in this position cannot be supplied smoothly from the blood.


dengue fever symptoms
dengue fever symptoms

Require patients in critical conditions need to be hospitalized. However, dengue can be seriously treated as staying at home is not the case and the victim does not need to be hospitalized.

  • Patient Stay offers plenty of fluids in this disease. Such as soup, lemonade, and juices etc.
  • Dengue is a viral infection. The patient does not need to provide any antibiotic too.
  • Give tablet of Paracetamol patient arrives fever. Put cold water bar forehead.
  • Patient if bleeding from somewhere, if required for transfusion of platelets.
  • Fever Dengue lasts 2 to 7 days. The decreasing volume of platelets in the patient’s blood. Seven days later automatically increases the number of platelets. Contact shortly doctor if symptoms appear. dengue fever symptoms

Gets to know dengue fever when dangerous and what are severe dengue symptoms?

dengue fever symptoms
dengue fever symptoms


                                                            QUICK BITES
  • Usually more risk of severe dengue.
  • Severe appear common symptoms of dengue patient before the start of dengue.
  • After 3 to 7 days the symptoms of severe dengue patients are starting to appear.

Dengue is a common disease that is an easily possible rescue, but in the absence of information Every year thousands of people come in its grip. As a result, Health and Family Welfare, Government of India have decided to celebrate as the National Dengue Day May 16th. Its aim is to take the initiative to spread awareness about dengue and dengue prevention. Dengue is a viral disease spread by mosquito bites. General fever Dengue little treat and can be cured with a little caution, however, is sometimes fever dengue reaching dangerous levels. Hamrhejik dengue fever and dengue shock syndrome are considered severe or dengue. Such dengue if it is not treated at the right time, it may also kill the patient.

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Severe dengue symptoms

Severe appear common symptoms of dengue patient before the start of dengue are moderately high fever, severe headache, joint and body aches, loss of appetite, nausea, skin reddish-pink lack of platelets in rashes and body etc. During this time also to examine the blood of patients with dengue confirmed.
But they begin to show signs of severe dengue patients after 3 to 7 days. Severe to dampen the most common symptoms of the body’s disease (38 degrees Celsius temperature). In other signs of severe dengue are as follows.

  • Terrible stomach ache
  • Breath embark brisk walking
  • Soon to be quickly vomiting
  • Bleeding with vomiting
  • Embark water body
  • Gums and loss of bleeding from the nose
  • To become inflamed liver
  • Very fast fall of platelets
  • Be lethargy and discomfort

Severe should contact as soon as possible doctor appears these symptoms of dengue.


Why is it dangerous Severe dengue

Severe dengue seems bleeding from several parts of the body of the patient is dangerous because it is and seems to come out of the blood plasma of the body through the bloodstream. Severe heart dengue fever liver, the lungs, and there may also be damaged. Blood pressure of the patient in many cases, so his death is reduced. Severe symptoms of dengue are as follows.

  • Embark bleeding from place to place in the skin or the large red-pink rash due to blood deposits under the skin to
  • Bleeding with urine and feces
  • Hang the plasma from the blood to the body
  • Have shortness of breath and respiratory feel uprooted
  • Liver, begin to grow rapidly shift to other vital organs of the heart or the body or swelling to come
  • The mental status of the patient to be poor and embark to act like his crazy

A severe number of platelets in the body of patients with symptoms of dengue can also rapidly drops off to work part of their body and they can lead to death.

What is Severe treat dengue

Prevent dengue is curable. By relaxing the normal dengue-carrying liquids in large quantities and with nearby Cleanliness can be easily corrected. But severe dengue has not yet been found adequate treatment. Usually be enrolled in ICU closely as possible doctor severe that the patient’s disease early, so the chances of survival of the patient. During treatment, patients are given the treatment.

  • Blood and platelets plating
  • Body causing fluid through the veins to the shortage of water
  • If the patient has trouble breathing, so let oxygen therapy

Prevent dengue how possible

  • Avoiding mosquitoes to prevent dengue is very important to help spread the dengue virus.
  • Is a place where the spread of dengue should not freezing the water, such as plastic bags, cans, pots, roads or water in the cooler.
  • Set nets as mosquitoes should make every effort possible to avoid wearing full sleeves etc.
  • In the changing seasons that have used the products to avoid if you’re going to a new place, Mchchharon.
  • If around your home somewhere Jgajmav, keep special care of cleaning there.
  • Make every effort to prevent mosquito-borne.
  • While making sure Rktjanc fever for more than 5 days. Avoid the mosquito to avoid dengue fever symptoms

Keep in mind that the dengue mosquito daytime bites, so a day to protect themselves from mosquitoes repellent mosquitoes Find and full sleeve clothes. Rainy time full arms that Comma and slippers instead of shoes must wear exclusively. In cooler, placed on the pots and birds water clean utensils etc. Enter biceps Larwabkshi in your home around the pits. These fish malaria are available for free at the office. House Cover well and water tanks. dengue fever symptoms. Also, read  the article

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