Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi

Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi
Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi

Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during Holi Holi colors of skin and hair not only the need to protect the eyes, ears, and mouth. What to do if your eyes, then went color ear or mouth? Learn:

The festival of Holi as much need hair and is to protect the skin far more than is needed to protect the eyes and ears. These include our body’s most delicate organs and that accidentally went color in the eye or ear, even “just in case” crashed the party will not take long. Holly is a happy festival, then why not celebrate with this laugh-love and reconciliation?
When Holly Play Keep saving your eyes and ears. However, it becomes difficult to do so in hangover play color. Here we tell you some tips through which you can save the eyes and ears of the side effects of colors.

1- Use the note first that natural colors. Chemical rich colors of Holi do not play because it may be found in The Color eye. Chemical may cause severe damage to the eyes to color rich. Although natural color should not be in the eye if things went Wash immediately eyes the Copake hitting well water and do not rub

2. I want a color not play, do not force her. Who knows what goes on in Holly color eye during force. Be better to tell him before either of putting the color that is planning to set up her color and it will be ready.

3. Holy contact lenses absolutely not wear during play. Is doing so color can freeze them, which may cause irritation and Venous eyes later.

4. Do not Holly touches with your hand or any other thing the eye during play. As quickly as possible to try to protect the eyes from the colors.

5. If for some reason goes into a color eye wash eye well. Do not rub. Do not use too cold or too hot water to wash the eyes. Until then be washed with clean water to the eye until full color not goes out. Even then, if you feel any kind of irritation in the eyes contact a doctor immediately.

6. Wear Sunglasses During Holi so avoid being in color eyes.

Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi
Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi
We knowingly or unknowingly tend to ignore it when it works it comes to safety or sanitation. Especially on Holi. We save million to protect themselves from the color of the outbreak. Wear old clothes. The skin applies lotion or cream. Take out the oil in the head, but do not forget the ears. Granted ears are just hard work to clean up, but imagine if the ear will do so went colors? Insert them oil that works is the way to keep safe. Apply olive or rapeseed oil mild temperatures and cotton from his bike into a couple of drops ears and above. Keep in mind that find this way in Cannes making ball of cotton that she goes not in much.
So goes the color in the mouth
In time Holly plays mouth too much risk of color. If rinse well so, first and spit out whatever was in color. Wash their hands do not eat anything. Lots of water drink

Holi 2019: Please remember to put on your face before playing paint these things

Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi
Holi 2019: how to protect eyes during holi

Holi hears color in mind and heart, seems to Gujia and squirted a few cannabis Hilure, but as well as this tension is also knocking to be delivered to the skin from the tyranny of colors. Recently we tried to use these methods to remove the skin colors that Holly told you and what tips. Today we’ll tell you what-what did you skin before playing Holi so colored effects are right. Let us know:

1. Apply all lotion or moisturizer as well on skin before playing Holi. This work at least 1 hour to play Holi. Take a lotion and then began to start when Holly play.

2. In addition to lotions, cold cream or oil on the face and skin can also be imposed. Mustard is very effective in removing color from oily skin. Put mustard oil in the open parts of the body to be sure, but on the face either cold cream Find or coconut oil.

3. Make well massage lip balm on lips and nails that color to put my broken and you can comfortably Holly game.

4. Find waterproof sunscreen lotion. It will not make much difference to the colors of favor for a long time on the skin and Holly.

5- a mix of Glycerin and Aroma Oil also helps prevent color skin. Holly before playing Apply it well on the skin.

6 – Holly before leaving to play using toner on the skin. Toner closes your skin pores to reach down in the color of the skin and prevents your skin.


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