how to get rid of pimples fast

how to get rid of pimples fast
how to get rid of pimples fast

About acne or Pimples, you know. Although oil is skinned people suffer from acne, it can happen to anyone. Acne is a disorder related to the original oil glands. These are at the bottom of the oil glands of the skin. Due to hormonal changes during periods in terms of oil gland activity increases in teenage years of a person’s life (such as girls) causing Pimples Are linked to the skin of Rome holes or pores oil glands inside cells (cells) that is causing the Rome hole of sebum oil skin. Sebum is poor sales helped to get out of Rome hole and creates new sales. But it seems to be too much sebum oil, due to hormonal imbalance, then the oil in Rome holes are stopped that caused acne or rash. Bacterial growth in sebum also gives rise to acne off Rome holes.


There are many different acne consists of different types, and they have different symptoms –


whiteheads- is them also known as a closed Comedo, these remain under the skin. It’s a small, meat appear as People of Color.

Blackheads (blackheads) – give them is also known as an open Comedo, it clearly visible on the skin surface. The oxidation of melanin (skin pigment), it consists of black or dark brown. Because of their color, some people think that this is caused by dirt. Which causes people to rub it out loud. Them does not help to fix scrubbing. It can be irritating to the skin and can cause other problems.
papules – These are small, solid, round grains, which grow from the skin. These are often pink.
Dana (pustules) – These are pieces filled with pus. They clearly provide a visible on the skin surface. The same floor is red and the pus.
Nodule  – which resembles the shape People’s, but they are large. It can be painful and can be in the depths of the skin.
Cyst – These provide a clearly visible on the skin surface. It is filled with pus, and are usually painful. It usually leaves marks on the skin.

Symptoms of acne (Pimples) –

Although acne is not a serious illness and you do not have to worry about losing their lives due to acne, but there are some health effects. So a lot of people is that acne can suffer from digestive problems. It also affects the mental health of the individual. Acne People sometimes feel lacking in self-esteem because of their appearance. Acne can disrupt the dream of your beautiful skin. Everyone is healthy-looking wants to skin. Therefore it is important to get rid of acne. Using domestic and Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of acne, they can be cured.

how to get rid of pimples fast
how to get rid of pimples fast

Due to the acne (Pimples) –
A pimple due to changes in hormone –
The causes of acne problems in the digestive tract –
Lack of sleep due to Pimples –
Due to the acne use cream lotion –
Acne is caused by changes in hormone –
Teenage and changing hormones during pregnancy. During these life events, oil glands increase activity and sometimes that seems to produce highly Sebum prevents follicle skin and causes Pimples.


Acne causes discomfort in the digestive tract – 

When the digestive system is not as good should be more, and seems to be problems with other health-related disorders. Frozen toxic substances in the body can contribute to the formation of acne. Upset the digestive tract is usually caused by Vata imbalance. This may be due to the intake of dry, spicy and oily foods. Raw and undercooked food and also Pinpls cold dishes such as cold drinks and ice cream. Eat healthy and warm meals for better digestion.

The lack of sleep caused Pimples –

Get not enough sleep for any reason, it can interfere with your natural metabolic rate is stress caused Hakanucit sleep which has a direct effect on metabolic processes in the body. If these processes create are stored toxins in the body can lose its ability to end acne in.

Due to the acne use cream lotion – 

Using different types of creams and lotions on your face and neck is also sometimes cause Pimples. They damage the skin and sometimes pimples, which are filled with skin unwanted toxins.

Prevent acne (Pimples) –
Acne people are a common disorder involving the skin. It can happen anywhere, but usually on the face and seen on the neck. Keep them is very important to prevent that you clean your skin. Not only outsiders only, sometimes internal reasons that are also acne due. So making changes in your diet and lifestyle you can get rid of pimples.
What to eat to prevent acne –
You should eat healthy, hot and cooked food to be drained it. Try to avoid hot and spicy foods. These bile defects can cause swelling in the stretched skin. Alcohol, to reduce the intake of cheese and coffee. Not normal temperature water and drink plenty of cold water. Ice cream and should reduce the intake of cold drinks. Refrain from eating raw food.
Measures to prevent pimples skin care –
Please take good care of your skin. Use of herbal soap to wash skin that keeps soft skin. Do not use different types of beauty cosmetics with chemicals. It can damage your face in the long run. Also, protect your face from dust and dirt. Be sure to keep your hands on your face because the hands of the bacteria from contact with hands can be on your face. Good to sunlight but make sure you do not get much time in the sun. Too many can be acne in late sunlight. Time out in the sun you should cover your face properly.
Have a good sleep for the treatment of acne –
A very simple solution for the treatment of acne you have a good sleep. Gold is very important for a healthy and less than a day to maintain efficient metabolic system 7-8 hours. If you are not sleeping properly, it may be your mental health can go wrong, which resulted in your metabolism. So you can enjoy the best that you feel fresh and happy in the morning.
Exercise is a way to remove acne –
The exercise is to reduce stress and leaves the sweat from the body. Sweating helps get rid of toxins from the body, thus it is also beneficial in preventing acne. After working out in the course bath.

What are the treatments and medicines for acne?

how to get rid of pimples fast
how to get rid of pimples fast

If immediately put drugs is not clear your acne, doctors may recommend more effective medicines or treatment. Dermatologist you can fix by following Spain –

Reducing medications oil production of pimples is to enhance the skin’s cells to fight off bacterial infection or reduce the inflammation. Which stains – helps prevent spots. Most of the drugs pimples went prescribed by a doctor, you do not see results for four to eight weeks, your skin may become worse before they get better. Your acne is completely in the clear may take several months or years. Medications went prescribed by the doctor will depend on the type of acne and severity. That you can put on your skin (put out by a drug) or can eat (oral medication). Often, the combination use of drugs. Pregnant women avoid using oral medications for acne.

Where drugs and other treatments you are considering, talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits.


1. the drugs put on the skin 
The drugs that will work best. When them happy and clear placed for 15 minutes on the skin. Maybe you do not see the benefits until a few weeks of treatment. And you may also irritate the skin in the beginning, such as dryness, peeling the skin and pink skin.Includes your doctor these side effects are can give you some ideas for reducing, in which gradually to wash her increasing drug dose, after having some time by drug or drug changed to.For acne medications to put the most common out -Retinoid (Retinoids) – These come in the form of creams, gels, and lotions. Retinoid is vitamin drugs. This prevents off Rome pores of your skin.
Antibiotics (Antibiotics) – For the first few months of treatment, you can use both a Retinoid and antibiotics. Seems antibiotics in the morning and think Retinoid evening. Example – Banjoil peroxide, Clindamycin
Diapason – With the Retinoid growing impact of applying the gel.
2. Oral medications
Antibiotics (Antibiotics) – The severe pimples medium, you may need oral antibiotics to fight to reduce bacteria and inflammation. Example – Minossayn and Doksiskeelain.
Combined oral contraceptives (Combined oral contraceptives) – are useful in the treatment of pimples in combined oral contraceptives for women and teenage girls.
Anti-androgen agent (Anti-androgen agent) – if oral antibiotics may not be doing so Spironolactone (Edition) drug use for women and teenage girls to help.
Isotretinoin (Isotretinoin) – This medicine is reserved for those with the most severe acne. Isotretinoin (Mnestem, Claravis, Sotret) is a powerful drug for them. Whose acne other treatments are not cured. Oral Isotretinoin is very effective.

3. Medical / Therapy Options 

These treatments are either coordinator alone or drugs, may be recommended in some cases. 

Treated by light – is targeting the bacteria that causes inflammation of acne treatment by light.
Chemical peel (Chemical peel) – combined with treatment Verbally Retinoid, other acne, it is most effective.
Remove Whaitheds and Blackheads – the use of special tools to remove your Dermatologists Whaitheds and Blackheads (Comedos) lightly. Which are not clear with the drugs find out. This technique causes may include stains and spots on the skin.
Steroid injections (Steroid injection) – The Nodular and fix cystic lesions can be cast by injection directly to the steroid drug in them. It improves their appearance without removing it.

4. Treatment of scars acne 

Went the procedures used to reduce the scars left by acne include the following processes – 

Soft tissue fillers – collagen or soft tissue fillers such as fat is inserted by injection under the skin and the targets. So that would be filled or pulled up to the mark in the skin. This trail makes it less noticeable. The results are temporary, so you’ll need repeat injections from time to time.

Chemical Peel – is the high strength acid is inserted into the skin. Which removed the upper layer of the skin and reduce deep scars.
Dermabrasion brush strings – This procedure is usually reserved for more serious targets. It is Sanding (sanding) of the skin surface layer of rotating brushes. The skin around the mix traces of pimples.
Laser resurfacing – uses a laser in this process is to improve the skin.
Using a little process called Skin Surgery – punch excision will cut your doctor marks each acne. And will present holes repair stitches instead of targets.Risk factors for acne include – Hormonal changes – such changes teens, are common in women and girls, and those who are using drugs containing Corticosteroids (corticosteroids), androgens (androgens) or lithium (lithium).
Family history – is a vital part of family history pimples, if acne both parents, you can also get acne.
Greasy or oily substance – if your skin Taliye lotions and comes in contact with the cream or grease, your nose will grow.
Friction or pressure on your skin – it could be due to telephones, cell phones, helmets, tight objects such as collars and backpacks.
Stress – it does not cause acne, but if your acne already, stress can make it worse.
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