male or female pattern baldness treatments

male or female pattern baldness treatments
male or female pattern baldness treatments

Baldness is what happens?

male or female pattern baldness treatments Loss problem of excessive hair from the head (skull) is referred to as baldness. Hair with age loss baldness is the most common hereditary cause. Some people do not choose to treat your baldness and hide it, some people take to cover their baldness hair-style, make-up, Topi or scarf etc. Some people resort to treatment for growing your broken hair and preventing him again.

Signs of baldness and signals what could be?

Embark head slowly hair loss – it is the most common type of baldness, which seems to happen with age in men and women. Hair in men has often shed a portion of the hair from the forehead of the starts loss on the forehead, women. However, women are considered to cover a portion of your hairline.

Baldness round and spotted prints – some people are coin-shaped and smooth layer spots. In some cases, hair loss may experience itching and pain in the first place. This type of problem often affects the scalp, but sometimes also in the impact beard or eyebrows.

The sudden hair loss – can cause a physical or mental shock hair sudden loss. It comes in a handful of hair hand clicking and dragging to wash hair, comb or light. Made no spots of baldness in this type of baldness, but the whole scalp hair seems to be low.

The body hair loss – caused by therapy to be used for cancer takes up the whole hair be affected. Usually, children tend to grow back.

Herpes spots spread over the entire skull – it is a sign of infection with herpes. It may be a problem such as hair breakage, redness, swelling and irritation.

The doctor should show how? ( male or female pattern baldness treatments)

If you are experiencing these problems, you should go to the doctor: – 

Hair loss in a particular pattern,
Rapid hair loss,
Baldness spread,
Balding patches,
Hair loss, itching, skin irritation, redness, blurring the pain or other symptoms.
After taking a drug for hair loss.
If you want to treat your hair loss, go to a doctor.

What are the causes of baldness?

mental stress – any kind of physical trauma, surgery, an accident or a serious illness temporarily can cause hair loss. 3 trauma of some sort of 6 months after hair loss becomes noticeable to qualify problem. As soon as the body starts to recover, the hair to grow again.

Pregnancy – There are a lot of hormonal changes in the body of women during pregnancy, which can cause hair loss. After the delivery of the child against pregnancy hair loss becomes more common.

The lack of protein – If the diet is deficient in protein, so try to save the remaining proteins in the body by preventing the growth of body hair. It seems to be after two or three months of decline in protein intake.

Baldness in men – after the age of 60 is approximately 2 men problem of baldness of 3, occurs most often hair loss problems in men male pattern baldness (Male Pattern Baldness). Thus the problem of baldness is also caused by a combination of genes and hormones, usually with hair falling in a classic pattern in which the ear and start shedding the parts between the forehead (Temple).

Women are hormone – birth control pills leave suddenly or change often causes changes in hormones, which then become the first disease of baldness takes and if the family hair loss possibilities and more. Due to changes in the hormonal balance in the female body during menopause also can cause hair loss.

Vitamin B deficiency – is a cause of the baldness to be the lack of B vitamins in the body.

Alopecia (Alopecia) –

This is the state triggered by a sudden, which causes hair loss in children and adolescents. There are often somewhat parts of the skull are completely blown hair, causing visible spots. In this situation, many times is completely baldness come,90% in connection with the problem of hair grow come again in a few years. The growth of the hair in this situation and can then loss order to be unpredictable.

Scalp infections – herpes (Ringworm) are attacked like an infection of the scalp skin and hair, which seem to cause a formation of scaly herpes on the skin and within hair loss. When the treatment of infection, usually hair start growing back.

Weight loss suddenly – suddenly the body weight loss gives a form of physical trauma, which makes the hair thin and weak. As well as hair loss is mainly could be a sign of eating disorders such as weight loss, anorexia  or bulimia

Chemotherapy – certain types of drugs (such as chemotherapy can also be used to treat cancer), can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy growth since the closure hair again and begin to grow.

Some drugs have side effects – are some of the drugs that can cause baldness. These include some of the most common medications such as blood pressure and medications to thin the blood. The well may possibly include some medicines Anteedipresents

A habit of hair pulling – Some people have the habit of his own hair nipping and they are forced from their habit. Some people like TV watching or playing live your hair nipping off (in the state of anxiety of losing). Constant used to playing and hair pulling may be an important cause of hair loss. It tends to occur in more women than men.

  Aging – weak hair after 60 years in women and loss is very common. 

Risk Factors of Baldness What are? 

Reduced nutrition (malnutrition)
Some medical conditions, such as sugar (diabetes)
Thyroid Disease
Anemia (anemia)
Family history (family illness already have one)

How is baldness treatments prevention? 

To prevent the went tips hair loss below can help you.

Eat a balanced diet, which is abundant in protein and vitamins
If you have a problem of baldness, dinner time and when it should avoid dropping hair.
Repeatedly to avoid the habit of your hair turning, rubbing or pulling.
Gradually work such as washing, combs, and brushes etc.
Hair Avoid using dye, color, and gel etc.

Baldness is how the test? 

Your doctor before diagnosis you can do a physical examination. In addition, doctors can take your past medical information and family can also ask about the disease. Also, doctors can not do anything other tests, including

The following may include – (male or female pattern baldness treatments)

Blood test – that thyroid disease like this can help to highlight the problems associated with hair loss.
Scalp biopsy – the doctor may take a sample of the skull, that it may help to determine whether infection with hair cause hair loss or not.
Some type of effective treatment for baldness, but some problems with baldness are permanent. In some cases, such as alopecia hair often takes itself grow and grow without treatment within a year.

What is the treatment for baldness?

In the primary goal, baldness treatment is to help prevent it and the growth of hair.

Drugs in the treatment of baldness, include surgery, wig (wig) and Herpes. All these ways to get a good result is to be used together.

Baldness is the most common type, Male-Pattern Baldness is, these do not require treatment because it is with the issue of age and does not pose a serious threat to the body.

Some treatment options are as follows – (male or female pattern baldness treatments)

male or female pattern baldness treatments
male or female pattern baldness treatments

1. Drugs -(male or female pattern baldness treatments)

Minoxidil – The drug is put into the head. This prevents drug hair to be weak as well as stimulate hair growth.
Finasteride – use of the drug problem of baldness that is for men. These drugs come in pills, which mostly reduce hair loss problems in men. These are also excited to grow hair again.
Note: must consult a doctor before starting any type of the above.

2. Hair transplantation (Hair Transplant) – 

It is pointed skin of those parts of the body where hair grows and the skin is placed on the place baldness. It would fall slightly marks on the body and the possibility of infection. This process would require considerable time, and it may be too expensive.

3. wig and Herpes – 

If baldness with wigs tries to give no response to medical treatment may be a viable option. It is used to cover the baldness of two kinds permanent or temporary. Good quality and natural-looking wig and Heyrpis available.

4. Supplements (dietary supplements) – 

If you are already well funded, cannot be helpful to eat nutritious products.

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