prevention of childhood obesity

prevention of childhood obesity
prevention of childhood obesity

Why in childhood is an obese child? The answer may surprise!

prevention of childhood obesity Approximately 14.4 million children in this country are overweight. Obesity has many health problems leading cause and nearly two billion children and adults suffering from such problems globally. IMA said that the rise of obesity in children nowadays rate is much higher than that of adults. Explains the case of obese children figures since China is second only to India in the world.

Body to mass index or measure the BMI can be identified childhood obesity. From 85 percent to 95 percent are considered obese with a BMI of child obesity. Overweight and non-communicable diseases in obese children relatively early age (NCDs) such as may be vulnerable to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Irregular lifestyle causes obesity

prevention of childhood obesity
prevention of childhood obesity

Speaking about this, the Indian president of Medical Association (IMA) Phrisri Dr. KK Agarwal said, “The world of growing obesity in children. India is no exception. The spread of overweight and obesity in children is rising. Unhealthy foods, fat, sugar, and salt (junk food, processed food) overhang and TV, internet, outdoor games remain engaged in computer and mobile games are neglected. Grow up to suffer from childhood obesity children remains many problems.

Overweight in childhood obesity and another lifestyle 2 diabetes such as type disorders, hypertension, Dyslipidemia, can lead to metabolic syndrome and more. Therefore, the need to prevent and control obesity in children. “The obese may suffer in children and adolescents more sleep apnea, such as disease and social and psychological problems, which may have to deal with problems such as a decrease in self-esteem.

Children learn to take good habits

Dr. Agarwal is important to create further said, “children from the beginning, good nutritional habits. Ensuring the right age to have enough physical activity is an important part of every child’s development. Should start to lifestyle diseases. School students can help in shaping life and can play an important role in the fight against childhood obesity. Means healthy habits in childhood is to build a healthy citizen. ”

Unhealthy habits such a deal

prevention of childhood obesity
prevention of childhood obesity
  • Encourage healthy eating habits early.
  • Calorie-rich foods may lower. Keep the high-fat and limit high-sugar or salty breakfast.
  • Children know the importance of being physically active.
  • Include the children in high physical activity at least 60 minutes per day.
  • Prevent children from sitting in one place for a long time.
  • Encourage play out the children.
Children have different growth rate, such that it becomes difficult to understand the child’s overweight or not. Parents often do not pay attention to child obesity. Obesity is a serious problem that affects children and adolescents. According to your height and age conditions to be more than the normal weight of the child would be called obesity. Having more fat in the baby’s body to her many health problems such as the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and asthma, etc. Also, obese child encounters difficulty playing with other children. Sometimes self-esteem of the child due to obesity is weakened or seem to be, they stress.
Today Considering that this problem is in the midst of children is explained about obesity in children. As well as you’ve been told in detail about the causes of obesity in symptoms, children with obesity in children, treat and prevent childhood obesity and childhood obesity and so on.

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Symptoms of obesity in children –

All children are not obese, only a few more children of average weight. Fat levels in the child’s body during the physical development of the individual may be different. BMI The data gives guidelines regarding the child’s weight and length, and obesity is believed to be accurate. The doctor uses the growth of BMI chart to check obesity. Besides the need to get the help you figure out other tests to be can lead to what other health problems your child weighs.

Because of obesity in children and risk factors –

Family Health position behind the children’s fat, psychological factors and lifestyle play an important role. Are the children of parents or sundry other members of the family are more prone to obesity. But mainly because they eat more of obesity in children and less need to exercise. Causes of obesity in children are described in detail below.

Unbalanced diets, such as fast food, sugary drinks and snacks, soda, Soft Drink and Obesity in children eating sweets is booming.

Many parents would not know that she would do in your baby healthy diet or how to create a healthy diet, while the other parents do not buy fresh fruits and vegetables because of the economic problems are not even.

The decrease in physical activity and Ansatulit food is to eat growing obesity in children. Exercise helps calories and controlling weight. When the baby does not take interest in playing outside and grow most of their weight are gradually her body in time spends Batkkr on TV or computer.

Psychologists find reasons to increase obesity in children and adolescents due. Who eat more food to baby stress, boredom and reduce Nakaratmk sense, is the problem of their obesity.

Children who are given cans of milk, unconsciously parents they eat more feed. Cans of milk child are very difficult to quantify the exact amount of giving and feeding of such parents Children need or twice. Many parents start feeding baby crying reasons go without him every time, even a child was increasingly thicker.

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The potential risk to children from obesity 
Can lead to serious disorders of various kinds of child obesity, which can make him upset all my life. Children with obesity are likely following exposure.
Sugar-rich foods keep typing the children eat too much risk of 2 diabetes. It does not digest properly the body glucose. Because of other problems can cause damage such as kidney disease, eye problems, and nerves. Children and adults are likely to type 2 diabetes due to obesity in both. However, a balanced diet and can be used to fix the position of the exercise.
heart disease:

Fat foods and more increases cholesterol and BP eat salt. These are both conditions increase the risk of heart disease in obese children. Increased cholesterol increases the problem of interruptions and high BP in blood vessels. Heart attacks and strokes are caused by these problems.

Because obesity is already asthma (status of suffering from chronic inflammation) in the lungs of children and serious. Asthma and obesity are disorders that occur with each other. Although the relationship is difficult to tell between these two diseases, but also the problem of obesity, most people suffering from asthma. It has also been seen that obese people risk being severely affected by asthma.
sleep disorders: 
There is an accumulation of the fat around the neck of the children due to obesity, there is a problem let them stop airways. This situation becomes child problems like slip apnea. It does not breathe properly while sleeping baby at night. Well, come snore because they have begun.

Prevent children from obesity –

prevention of childhood obesity
prevention of childhood obesity

Parents have to pay special attention to the child’s habits to protect children from obesity. To prevent children from obesity, you should try the following measures.

Prompt more physical activities to provide children from Physical Education and Jyad him.
Give the baby a healthy and balanced diet.
School children should be emphasized to become emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.
Growing familiarity with the people in the child’s community.
Give baby outside food and eat junk food right.
Baby sweet things, like candy, chocolate, ice cream and canned juice to a minimum.
Move the child over to play out much at home. 


Treating children’s obesity and measures – 

Treating children obesity is determined on the basis of their age and their other health problems. In some special circumstances for obesity is opted for drugs and surgery. 

Part special Progam to weight control for children from many health organizations recommend working for children 2 years old teenagers should control his weight. The process of increasing the length to place the child’s weight, because her BMI is reached healthy levels.

6 to reduce obesity in children 11 years of age, while they change in eating habits should be encouraged not to lose more weight than a pound a month. Slightly older children and adolescents (be at increased obesity) should by changes in eating habits do not lose more weight than a kg a week.

Other helpful in reducing child obesity measures 

To keep the baby healthy parents have the responsibility and he would find a way to improve this work. Next, are the ideas on how to reduce child obesity.

Learn about food: 
Some parents are the right thing to eat that is not the commonplace child and what is wrong. Therefore, parents should be aware of nutrition, so that you can give your child a healthy diet.

All family members of each work with: 
Family child participation by all in a balanced diet and body movements of all members is also learns these good habits.

Create a new recipe: 
Children should always Karan not refuse if you eat it outside along with teaching good eating habits as a child, therefore, seems to insist on eating the same things. In this case you poor habits of eating junk food and make some new recipes at home. This child learns good eating habits for long stays healthy.

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