what is eczema

what is eczema
what is eczema

Eczema – It is a common skin disorder, which affects more infants than adults. It is usually

caused due to dryness in the skin, it is causing irritation and inflammation. It is usually related to asthma, allergic rhinitis and different sorts of food allergies.


What is skin allergies?

Skin allergy is an allergic reaction to inflammatory substances or substances that cause

allergies. Skin allergies can be caused by several factors, such as infection, immune system reactions to the disorder and drugs. Skin allergies are of several types, such as eczema, dermatitis, urticaria and angioedema, and more. Soap, moisturizer and even clothing can be an allergic reaction. Its symptoms include scaly and itchy skin, redness, blisters, Belts and rashes etc. Skin allergies can occur in some parts may be on the body or bodies.

Taking drugs in the treatment, the skin is involved to get relieved and calm itching and irritation and treat the underlying issues that cause skin allergies and so on. Some common medications that are used for skin allergies include Antihistamine, Corticosteroid, Karatolaitik combination and skin barrier Implants etc.

Dermatitis – This is a type of allergic process, which occurs when it comes into contact with allergic substances or alloys of skin certain types. Some people have allergic reactions to alloys such as nickel, which seems to be a rash, irritation, and itching.

Hives (Urticaria) – also allergic to one type of problem, it is also known at times hives (Hives). When the immune system produces histamine hormones, so it seems to be the problem. This cause affects the small blood vessels under the skin and inflammation starts.

Angioedema – It is a problem of swelling under the skin. Usually the reaction to a trigger (stimulant), such as a drug.

What are the symptoms of skin allergies?

Skin allergies are of different types. It eczema, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, may be in the form of hives or angioedema. Some skin allergies signs can be the following:

Red Spots
Become detached skin or lumps
Solidify crust on the skin
Be Skin Crack


Awhat is eczema, itchy or dry skin.
This fluid leak seems to have it become a scab scratch, which means that it also infected.
Baby makes eczema often appear on the face.
Children rashes often knees and elbow joints, are behind the back of the elbow and ear.
Teens and young adults are the children rashes are often where. Also even get rashes on them hand and foot.


Hives are pink or yellow inflammation, which appears like Belts. This may occur if any part of the skin.
Hives in each individual, in particular, can last for hours with a minute or different times.
As soon as you get older hives to seem to be missing, began to develop new hives.
They can vary in size, which can be up to a few inches to a few millimeters and are connected with each other can form a large swelling.
Hives are usually itchy, but sometimes they may feel jealous.

Contact dermatitis – 

Contact dermatitis is a condition, which would lead to blisters in the skin after direct contact with a particular substance and develops swelling, redness, and irritation.
Redness on contact touches of allergic substances to the skin which in dermatitis, while resulting in itching, a lump or swelling.
Contact may cause delays in the reaction of dermatitis, which appear one or more days of exposure after rashes.
Emerged streaks can be awake red rash, which may become as damp or wet blisters or scaly, flaky or obese

Contact can be two types of dermatitis are Irritants and allergic


Angioedema – 

This often happens when they develop swelling, irritation, and redness in the depths of the skin layer. Angioedema is at times soft tissues, such as eyelids, mouth or genital etc.


You should show the doctor if: 

The allergic reaction is close your eyes.
A large part of the body to allergens has been plagued.
The drugs without a prescription, you are not able to control the itching.
If there are signs of rashes infected. (Pus in streaks, funk, increased swelling, redness be clear, indicating infection in the red stripes or Lkire rashes or feeling hot to touch skin etc. streaks.)
The angioedema affects the lips and throat, causing shortness of breath. Must show the doctor immediately in case.

Can be caused by a skin allergy? 

Skin allergic reactions are quite common, hence is largely difficult to ascertain their reasons.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) – 

Atopic dermatitis is a common problem in eczema, especially children.
It is believed that this problem is caused by defects of any kind in the skin barrier. Because of dry skin due to defects in the skin barrier, swelling and having trouble burning etc. Some sensitivity to the types of foods may worsen eczema symptoms and conditions.
Eczema problem is often linked to asthma, fever, allergic rhinitis (hay) or food allergies.
If your parents have problems of any of these, then give eczema increases Snbanaan to develop.

Hives – 

When releasing your immune system hormone histamine, so leaks in blood vessels. This situation is evolving problem of swelling and irritation of the skin or hives.
Urticaria or hives are of 2 sorts, chronic and acute.
Akyut Urticaria occurs when you eat foods of a certain type or exposed to a particular trigger factor (which increases the problem), such as heat or exercise. Besides cutting certain types of drugs, foods and insects have also become a problem Akyut Artikeria.
Chronic Urticaria is a long-term problem. It could last for years to several months.

Allergies come in contact dermatitis – 

After coming into direct contact with allergic substances into the skin takes burst rashes, so this situation is called allergic contact dermatitis.
For example, quite a lot of people are allergic to nickel metal. It is a metal, which is found in many antique houses.
Coming into contact with plants such as Poison, ivy vine, Poison Oak and Poison sumac etc. may also Arik contact dermatitis. Is oil on plants that cause itching and rash.

Angioedema or swelling – 

The case of inflamed skin depth layer is called angioedema.
Angioedema can be triggered by different causes in different people. Who introduced it to the following reasons:
Food allergies such as oysters, nuts (almonds -supari), eggs and milk.
Allergic reaction to a drug.
Cutting by insects or sting, especially bees and wasps by others.
Latex (Rubber) allergies.

Other allergic reactions are also possible, as well as the body’s immune seems to work in a reverse manner in the following events:

Stress, anxiety
Temperature changes – hot or cold
Aggressive/heavy exercise

How to prevent skin allergies?

Following to prevent the skin allergy should take note of:

Avoid triggers that you know –

Even if you are undergoing treatment for skin allergies, also try to avoid foods that trigger the allergy. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, then shut Stay indoors and windows and doors when the pollen in the air. If you have dust mites, allergy to dust or vacuum more often to keep clean bed.

Avoid intake of smoking and alcohol etc.
Try Bcnen spicy and non-healthy foods.
Before exposure to the sun, cover the body of specific areas.
Use sunscreen went written by doctors.
Wearing loose clothes that could come right into contact with the clothes worn by rashes you.

Testing / Diagnosis of Skin Allergies How is this done? 

Doctor during your trial you about your symptoms and ask you some questions about your past medical conditions. Doctor’ll do a physical examination. Doctor to find out your skin allergies you may suggest making the following test:

Complete Blood Count
Skin Prick Test
Skin Injection Test
patch test


Immunoglobulin E (increase in allergies) 
Iyosinofil increase in count 

Skin prick test – 

Skin prick test is additionally known as a puncture test or skin test. it’s tested for immediate hypersensitive reactions. It may be examined substances over 40 varieties at a time. In adults, the check is sometimes done on the forearm. children This check is sometimes done on the higher back.

Skin Injection Test – 

Using a needle in this Test awake is injected into the skin to small amounts of an allergic substance, also called Intradermal Test. After injecting 15 minutes later tested the symptoms and signs that point allergies. Pest place or doctor to the allergic reactions to penicillin can recommend it to the test.

How is skin allergy treatment? 

Skin allergy treatment is to prevent substances that cause allergies.

skin cream – 
Some skin creams are better known for such Haidrokortison cream and Lacto Calamine lotion skin allergies. Aloe Vera Gel also helps to reduce itching.

Moisturizer – 
Always apply moisturizer on your skin to dry quickly in the skin and is likely to be easily allergic, avoid.

Antihistamine drugs – 
Take Antihistamine medicines to avoid allergic reactions. Refers to Antihistamine when patient pollen, dust, or may be allergic to animals and consequently of their nose or traveling constantly sneezing.

Antibiotics – 
If doctors have grown to think that eczema that causes bacterial infection, then you can write doctor antibiotics drugs.

Oatmeal bath – 

Oatmeal (porridge) Mix well in the groundwater and then powder. It calms the discomfort of some people getting into the skin of inflammation, irritation, and redness. Use lukewarm water to use it, is that it can cause skin irritation to more hot and dry skin.

To cold compress – 
Can be used to cool the burning streaks from Bath to candy or cold water from a cold thing. Gradually them dry and then Moshcraijh

Auto adrenaline injector – 
People who have severe allergies, they should take an auto-injector with them, which can be used in emergencies.

The skin should food allergies? 

If you suffer from skin allergies you should eat these foods.

Beans – There are essential nutrients, contain glucose and protein. Which help in the development of new skin to help you fix your streaks.

Colorful fruits and vegetables – promote adequate intake treatment of brightly colored fruits and vegetables and help to reduce inflammation. Which is important for the health of vitamin A, which is the immune system.


The plentiful promotes healing vitamin C foods –

streaks of increasing intake of foods rich in vitamin C skin. Vitamin C can prevent stress to your skin as an antioxidant, which decreases inflammation.








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