What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms

What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms
What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms

To pain, feeling the bad, interest in daily activities or take pleasure not we are aware of all these things. But that has all the live long in our lives and affect us too much, it is called depression, ie depression. Depression worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is the most common disease. And nearly 350 million worldwide are affected by depression.


What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms
What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms


Depression is a mental health disorder. In particular, it is a mood disorder that occurs due to persistent sadness and there is no attachment to anything. Depression is not just a problem of a few days is a long illness. The average time of depression episode is 6-8 months.

Fluctuations of mood we experience in their normal and healthy life. To the challenges of our daily life does not lead to our temporary emotional responses depression. Similarly, when there is a close to death and we are sad he is not feeling any depression. Yes, if we can cause depression so are saddened by his death for a long time.

Many different types of depression, including –

Major Depression –
Daystimia or chronic depression –
Effective seasonal or weather affects Depression –
Psychotic Depression –
Bipolar Depression –

Major Depression –
The person in Major Depression goes into deep despair and hopeless. Major depression which work is marked by a combination of symptoms, study, sleep, eat and

The person in major depression goes into deep despair and hopelessness. The symptoms of depression person to work, study, sleep, eat and interfere with the ability to enjoy pleasurable activities. Major depression can occur only once but often it occurs several times in a lifetime.

Daystimia or chronic depression –
People almost 25% of which are hospitalized for depression suffer from psychotic depression. Hallucinations in people with additional psychotic depression symptoms – to see things or hear are not really delusions – irrational thoughts and appearing signs of fear.

Effective seasonal or weather affects Depression –
Daystimia is to keep going for a long time referred to as depression. It’s nothing serious form of depression, but the symptoms of depression can last for many years longer. People who are suffering from Daystiamia, they usually always seem unhappy at not normally be able to function. Daystiamia the situation is different from major depression. Symptoms of Daystiamia are less than major depression. Adults to identify Daystiamia it should be at least one year to two years and children or adolescents.

Psychotic Depression –
Weather affects Dipreshnhr every year comes at the same time. Usually, it starts in spring or winter, and spring or finished in early summer. A rare form of weather affects depression is known as summer depression (summer depression). It begins in the spring or early summer and ends in the spring.

Those seasonal effective are suffering from depression, they would not be interested in, such as depression, irritability normal activities are symptoms of major depression, run social activities and lack of focus and so on.

Bipolar Depression –
Mind in this depression is constantly very sad or very happy excessive number Hfto or months. Negative thoughts in depression and high fall high idea manic depression. It goes in two different and opposite states of suffering turn a person’s mind. The disease gets to see a sudden change in the behavior of human beings. Sometimes the patient very happy sometimes very depressed.

Symptoms of Depression (depression) –
Depression is what type, can be different symptoms of depression, according to her. Depression not only affects your thoughts and feelings, but it can also impact on your relationship with your work and others. So let’s know about the symptoms of depression –

the sadness
Difficulty concentrating
Do not participate in enjoyable or fun activities
Too much sleep or get too little sleep
Decreased energy, to crave unhealthy food
Stay away from other people
Be worried
Clearly difficult to think or make decisions
Work or poor performance in school
Do not participate in activities
Be guilty
Putting suicidal thoughts
Head or be muscle pain
Abuse of drugs or alcohol
The Depression (depression) –

Depression is not a simple situation that has no known cause. Some people have a greater chance of being depressed and Khm some. So it’s important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. So let’s know about the many possible symptoms of depression –

Depression can be caused by genetics –
Cause depression are changed in the brain –
Due to hormonal changes in depression –
Changes in weather cause depression –
Because of the big changes in life Depression –
Depression can be caused by genetics –
Depression can be hereditary. If your family ever happened before depression a member you can also experience depression. Yet this depression did not realize which contains genes.

Cause depression are changed in the brain –
Some people may have depression due to changes in the brain. Although yet to be the cause of this, it is believed that depression begins when Prwabhit the functioning of the brain. That’s why some psychologists refer to brain chemistry in cases of depression.

Neurotransmitters in the brain, especially affect serotonin, dopamine or Norepenefrin joy and pleasure of emotions and states of depression that can be unbalanced. Yet it has not revealed the cause of right. Anteediprentents the neurotransmitters work to balance. It balances primarily serotonin. Neurotransmitters are reasons to get out of balance and it’s a role in depression it is not yet revealed.

Due to hormonal changes in depression –
Hormone production or change in the functioning of hormones may be the onset of depression. Changes during menopause, such as changes in hormones, childbirth, thyroid problems or other disorders can also cause depression.

The postpartum depression is depression problems in mothers after childbirth. However, to be vulnerable due to changes in hormones is quite normal, but postpartum depression is a serious problem.

Changes in weather cause depression –
As you come winter days and experience days are short, many people can possess not interested in lethargy, fatigue and everyday tasks. This problem is called the weather-affected disorder (SAD). This situation ends when usually end in the winter when the days are long. For treatment, you can take medication or advice from a doctor.

Because of the big changes in life Depression –
A trauma can exacerbate the problem, such as major changes or conflicts depression in life. Losing a loved one, be fired, are facing problems related to money or give any serious changes to the problem of depression in people.

Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a form of depression that occurs after the passing of how serious the situation in life. Often PTSD problem for soldiers returning from war. This is due to trauma in childhood, such as may be caused by several events, due to a scary event, due to abuse or attack, causing serious car crash or other accident, someone threatened to cause her more.

Depression Prevention (depression) –
Depression is a mood disorder that could lead to the darkness of your life. Do not depend on myself drug for the treatment of depression. Follow joyful lifestyle problem of depression to get rid of natural and plenty of enjoyable foods.

Diet to avoid Depression –
Way out of depression is exercise –
Measures to overcome the Depression scripture –
Listen to soothing music in preventing depression –
Depression medication to get up early, early to bed –
Way out of depression is to fulfill his hobby –

1. Diet to avoid Depression –
Some foods that have proven scientifically to provide us feel happy. So today we’ll tell you whether you should take what kind of diet to get happy and relieve depression.

What to Eat in depression –
Eating such foods enhance mood that tryptophan, omega-3 fatty acids, and asparagus are rich in folic acid, eggs, turmeric, pumpkin seeds and more. These components help to increase Serotonin levels which improve your mood. Almonds and drinking green tea in the morning with plenty of nuts also get rid of stress such problems. Take the vitamins and magnesium in your diet. Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. Dine always on time. Large amounts eat food water drink and easily digested because constipation may increase your discomfort.

Do not eat to avoid depression –
Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are bad for your situation. All kinds of fast food, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, do not eat refined carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners. Sugar can also spoil your mood is so low consumed.

2. Measure out of depression is exercise –
Halasana such as exercise or yoga, Paschimottanasana, Srwangasn, Shavasana etc. play an important role in the treatment of depression. Attention in the morning to fix a depressed mood and slowly deep breathing. Then you can stroll in the morning. It makes you live happily ever after.

3. Measures to overcome Depression scripture –
Read good books or novels related to mental spirituality. Listen to hymns and read scripture. It will provide you with inner peace and promote positive thoughts in your mind.

4. Listen to prevent depression melody –
Take help of music to create a happy atmosphere around. But sad or heart should not hear the breakdown of songs. Listen to sweet and good songs.

5. Depression of the drug to get up early, early to bed –
Wake up with the sunrise, stay awake and not until late at night. Stay awake after 10 pm and sleep after 6 pm creates emotional stress and makes dull your mood and depressed. Take at least half an hour before the laptop or mobile phone, gold dropped his eyes.

6. The way out of the Depression to fulfill his hobby –
Pursues his hobbies that give you pleasure. Spend time with your friends and family and be around people who are happy to. Remove negative thoughts from your mind and fill the mind with positive thoughts.

Follow these changes in your diet and lifestyle and spend a normal and happy life.

Test Depression (depression) –
How to diagnose depression?

Diagnosis Doctor depression can by following tests –

Physical examination – Doctors can you physically can test, and ask you questions related to your health. In some cases, depression is caused by physical problems.
Laboratory tests – the doctor can do a blood test. Called a complete blood count, or you can test the thyroid, to make sure it is working properly.
Psychiatric examination – the doctor your symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and Pecten about patterns of behavior, to answer these questions you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire.
Treating Depression (depression) –
Treat depression How is this done?

Depression is a treatable mental illness. Depression can be treated in the following ways –

Psychotherapy – it’s called talking therapy, such as – Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
Treated by drugs – is the use of anti-Depressants.

Psychological or talking therapy services for depression, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Troubleshooting treatment.
CBT and interpersonal therapy is used to fix the Psychotherapy of two main types, used depression. The CBT can be delivered face-to-face, in a group or individual sessions by telephone.
Anti-Depressants drugs

These medicines are suggested by the doctor. These drugs have been used to recover from moderate acute depression. It medicines Cotton children are not given. Teenagers should also use it very carefully. For example – tricyclic anti-Depressants
Exercise and other treatment
Aerobic exercise – Aerobic exercise can fix mild depression because of it neurotransmitters associated with mood which stimulates Norepenefrin.
Brain stimulation therapy – is also used in – depression, including Electroconvulsive therapy.

Electroconvulsive therapy – a severe case of depression is not the difference in treatment by which drugs may benefit them Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT); It is particularly effective for psychological depression.
Risks and Complications of Depression (depression) –
Other difficulties or illness caused by depression
Men’s diagnosis of depression in women than it is because women are more susceptible to treatment.

Factors that increase the risk of developing or triggering depression, including – 

Some personality traits, such as –
low self-esteem
Relying too much on
Painful or stressful events – such as –
Physical or sexual abuse
One person’s death or loss
A difficult relationship
Or financial problems
Close relatives that have depression
bipolar disorder
Suicide includes.
The history of other mental health disorders – such as –
anxiety disorder
Eating disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
Abuse of alcohol or recreational drugs

Serious illness for a long time
Including cancer
Including heart disease
Some medications, such as Talk to your doctor before stopping some high blood pressure medications or sleeping pills (any drug)

Complications of Depression
Depression is a serious disorder that can cause you to post experiencing very difficult for your family. If it should not be treated, then depression often gets worse, resulting in emotional, behavioral and health problems that affect every area of your life.

Complications of instances associated with depression include – 

The excessive weight or obesity, which may result in heart disease and sugar.
Pain or physical illness.
Abuse of alcohol or drugs.
Anxiety, panic disorder or social phobia.
Family conflict, relationship difficulties and work or school problems.
social isolation.
Suicidal feelings, suicide attempts or suicide.
Self-mutilation, such as cutting.
Premature deaths from medical conditions


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