yoga for weight loss for beginners

yoga for weight loss for beginners
yoga for weight loss for beginners

We are in the majority at least once go to the gym think surely to lose weight. We begin to turn even the gym and low-interest practice are also encouraged to reduce their weight in the first few days but gradually heavy gym equipment and complex machines.

But we have another option for it – yoga for weight loss is very effective. Yoga is best for good health, is also very useful for our body. This not only strengthens the muscles, but it is also a way to enhance digestion.

According to Yoga, our current lifestyle is one of the most important factors behind the mental and physical illnesses of all kinds. And to grow fat from specifically. Of course, you can be a victim of other factors are also any thought to the disease, but the sum that the way we live our lives, determines how much any one of us to him and how the disease affects us.

yoga for weight loss for beginners
yoga for weight loss for beginners

In the case of obesity, it is clear that relate primarily due to lifestyle. The first is too much food or too wrong food because you need to eat for a long time. The second reason is lack of physical activity. See these two things together is meant an imbalance in the amount of energy – the amount of energy we need, we are able to generate energy through eating larger quantities than that. Yoga to reduce obesity brings relief from these problems.

Let us help to tell you about some yoga which weight loss –

Why is beneficial obesity yoga to reduce –

Physical body in yoga is called “Annmay Fund” (the Fund) to five. Food that we eat, it means that the direct connection of our physical body in yoga we eat is from him. Therefore, food is medicine, food body is the essence of the physical body and why. Food is the life, and every life finally content to the next life. This is the only way moves the wheel of life.

According to yoga, food not only that the substances consumed during our food are digested in our diet; It maintains the life which he has also nutrition. For example, pay, food to our thinking and thoughts, our feelings, and sustains relationships with yourself and others.

Therefore, when we talk about obesity in yoga we are not only focused on the physical body but also pay attention to all aspects of our existence. And the way we nurture them and to mobilize them, also looked at him. For this reason, only special Dai yet to maintain body weight, or only a change in lifestyle or just Exercise is not enough. Pay attention to the level of consciousness is required, which adds mental energy in yoga, and other aspects which are helpful for power or energy.

Obesity beneficial to reduce Pvnmuktasn Series –

More Obesity best posture to reduce seat Pvnmuktasn series. This is the series to remove excess fat is very profitable and the stomach, hips, and thighs to the digestive system, and help to activate the energy in the lower pranic centers. These include: Uttanpadasn, baffles Padasan, Pdd Sbanclan, and Nawasn. Abdominal muscles (which are vulnerable victims usually obesity) are very good these postures to strengthen. For 1 minute every seat Pvnmuktasn Series, and began to practice as such, can it belong.

Is beneficial to weight loss power mesmerizing series –

Power seat mesmerizing series are also effective in reducing obesity. Dynamic spinal Vkrasan, mill run, and posture abdominal organs such as massages run ferry and help in melting excess fat stored around them. These postures abdominal and pelvic eliminate power disruptions in the region and Manipur chakra (which will have a source of strength and self-assertiveness, and which controls all our metabolic processes) help to do their job. For 1 minute every seat of power mesmerizing series, and began to practice as such, can it belong.

Obesity is beneficial in reducing Vajrasana Series –

The Vajrasana series we can pick up some helpful posture such as self Vajrasana, Marjorie posture, throne, Balan, Shashank-Bhujangasana and Ustrasana. All seats are reduced to tone the sexual organs and sexual energy to balance the individual struggling with very powerful usually Mutape who are. It would also help to strengthen the simple digestive and endocrine system. For 1 minute every seat Vajrasana Series, and began to practice as such, can it belong.

Obesity Decrease pranayama help –

Pranayama for reducing obesity also helps stimulate metabolism. These include: Bstrika are Kapalbhati and are made with action to balance such Surybedi that Nadi purification. The Shitli and cooling relaxing pranayama which affect various hypothalamic centers. Hypothalamic centers that control thirst and healthy doses give a sense of satisfaction to food.

For weight loss, the sun salutation –

Surya Namaskar is known to be very effective in weight loss. Sun, Hello is a series of 12 yoga postures are 12 Asano a sun salutation after another. All seats must be in a particular order and with the right technique. It is easy to be very helpful in your weight loss and help keep your body healthy.

Obesity is able to sun salutation Ati reduce. Sun salutation itself includes a full practice because of asana, pranayama, all spells, and attention. This practice has a unique effect on the endocrine and nervous system. This metabolic imbalance and helps to correct the cause of obesity and brings hinder weight loss. Being a dynamic practice, similar to cycling, jogging or swimming is an excellent exercise.

8 times the Sun Salutation 5, and began to practice as such, can do it more often.

To lose weight Virbhadra posture – 
Chief posture weight is a very effective posture to reduce. To be the first to stand directly on both feet. Note that a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet between the two legs. Now slowly move your head up your hands and drag. Add both hands together. Now fold the left upper part of your body. To bend your right knee and feel the stretch in your abdominal muscles. For a few minutes to be in the same currency. Now repeat in your right direction. This posture is to relieve pain in the shoulder. It hardens the lower part of your arms and back. This asana also tones your arms and shoulders.

Do yoga to lose weight Trikonasana –

Trikonasana helps back and digestive problems. To the seat by a proper distance between your feet, please stand up straight. Your right foot slightly right of rotation and move at 90 degrees to your left foot. Take a deep breath, breathing, keeping your body upright, leaving out the bend downwards from the right-hand bend, hips, waist, move to the land down the right hand and take the air above your left hand. So keep your hands in a straight line. Now fold the left-hand side of your head. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds.

For weight loss Dhanurasana –

Lie on your stomach on the ground. Breath takes overfilling the ground chest and pulls the waist to the feet. Bring back your hands and slowly lift your legs and bring them close to your buttocks. Knees and bring the legs to bend and breathe leave the Hold their feet to the hands. Stay there for 30 seconds. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) makes your arms, legs, strong thighs and abdominal muscles are capable of reducing the belly fat.

To be diluted semi Ckrasn –

Semi Ckrasn, you stand up straight, you need to close your legs. Go now you extend your hands and take them back over his head. Behind your arms and bend, palms up in front of each other and tilt forward to lower your body. Make sure that your elbows straight and your arms to be parallel to your ear. Take breathing for a while and leave and then come back to their original position. This asana helps strengthen your abdominal muscles and back. It also provides a better shape your body.

Less weight than Padhstasn – 
For Padhstasn, you need to stand up straight. Bend your hips and touch your feet with your fingers. Try to keep your hands under your feet. Stay like that for a few seconds and then set them free. As you bend downward, the pressure on your stomach and your stomach tone. It’s easy you flexible and helps to improve your digestion.

The yoga for weight loss quasi Chandrasana –

Semi Chandrasana helps to tone your arms, legs, and buttocks. For this, you need to stretch your right hand, stood upright. Move to the right upper part of your body and then tilt while taking your right-hand touches the ground not to. Now raise upwards his left leg and left arm in the air. For a few seconds to be in the same currency. This is especially good for your legs and hip area.

Do halasana to lose weight –

Lie flat on your back for halasana. Join your feet together and move slowly towards them up. Now place your palms on the floor and slowly lift your hips and legs upward. Now you bend over backward to his lower body and put your feet above your head. Touch straighten your legs and thumb of land legs. Now slowly bring out the fingers up and foot-to-head with your hands. Gently Find gently land on your back and legs for a few seconds after being in this situation. It is helpful in creating postures to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is very effective in making a more efficient digestive system. It is also good for people suffering from diseases of the bone to lose weight and spinal people.

Keep these things in mind, especially: 
Remember comfortable yoga meets only after constant practice and slowly get down.
While no increased joint pain and posture, during exercise the body consider important, such as the support provided by objects, pillows, and assistance of other devices anyway.
Do not louder than their physical ability. If consult the increases pain immediately stop yoga therapist.


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